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The Best Skydive, XRW Wingsuit and Canopy Instructors in Northern California

Welcome to the World of Skydiving

NorCal Alliance School of Bodyflight welcomes students of all skill levels to join the skydiving family. TJ Landgren along with our other instructors will help you perfect your body flight and canopy piloting skills. Our coaches have over 20 years of skydiving experience. They have seen the sport of body and canopy flight explode and evolve in that time. With skydiving and wingsuiting becoming ever more popular, it is important to remember that proper coaching keeps everyone safe and having fun!

Safety and Experience are a Top Priority

When selecting a skydive instructor, XRW wingsuit instructor, or canopy instructor, you should keep experience, personality, and safety in mind. Our canopy and XRW wingsuit courses only take place at clean, safe, and organized dropzones in Northern California. TJ prefers his courses take place at Skydance Skydiving in Davis, CA. The safest and most cost effective way to learn proper body position and freeflying is in the iFly SF Bay Wind Tunnel where all of our tunnel coaching takes place.

Best Value Around

NorCal Alliance has competitive pricing compared to most skydive, canopy, and XRW wingsuiting coaching. Courses include the price of individual coaching plus any jump tickets or tunnel time needed to complete the course. Not only are our prices competitive, but you get to fly with some of the best coaches in the world! What a deal! For more details about our coaching prices, locations, and structure, visit the About Our Coaching page.

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