About our Coaching

Learn the Finer Points of Body Flight with TJ Landgren and Our Other Coaches


Whether you are new to the skydiving family, or you are a seasoned pro, everyone can benefit from professional coaching. NorCal Alliance offers courses tailored for your specific needs in all of the body flight disciplines. Courses are taught by TJ Landgren, champion skydiver and canopy pilot, and other select professional coaches.

NorCal Alliance offers courses in the following areas:

  • Freeflying (at iFly SF Bay and Skydance Skydiving)
  • Canopy Piloting
  • XRW


Prices for Coaching

Tunnel Coaching at IFLy SF Bay

Coaching times are available every day of the week from 10AM to 11PM by appointment only. All prices include coaching and tunnel time.

  • $880 for 60 minutes
  • $645 for 45 minutes
  • $440 for 30 minutes
  • $290 for 20 minutes
  • $220 for 15 minutes
  • $150 for 10 minutes

10506957_10203631419119659_4334560387681560092_oYou should arrive at the tunnel 30-45 minutes in prior to flight time. When you arrive, you will be instructed on all the hand signals and correct body position coaches are looking for. If you do not have your own gear, it is okay. iFly has jumpsuits, helmets and goggles for you to use.

Freefly Coaching

You can purchase jump tickets for Skydance Skydiving in Davis, CA at a discounted rate if you buy them in a block (regular price is $25):

  • 10 tickets $22 each for $220
  • 20 tickets $21 each for $420
  • 50 tickets $19.98 each for $999
  • 100 tickets $18.99 for $1900
  • 250 tickets $18 each for $4500

IMG_2409Coaching Fee: $30 per jump if you purchase a minimum of 5 jumps

Day Rate: $300 per day plus the cost of pack jobs

If purchasing a day’s worth of coaching, please arrive at the DZ by 8:30AM for a briefing and plan or the day. If you have 2 rigs, please bring them so you and your coach can make back-to-back loads. Every routine will be done twice.

XRW Course

For XRW courses, contact TJ Landgren for pricing and more course details. NorCal Alliance is pushing XRW to the limit, creating new extreme formations and having a great time. XRW courses occur once a month. If you are an experienced wingsuit or canopy pilot, contact TJ for more details about the next camp.Jhonny's view

TJ Landgren

Most courses will be taught by TJ Landgren. He has been in the sport for over 20 years with over 20,000 jumps and over 900 hours of tunnel time. His USPA licenses include: D-23482 AD-A #301 AD-B #324 AD-C #17

Some of his more recent freefly accomplishments include:

  • 1st Place Freefly Artistic at US Nationals 2011
  • 3rd Place 4 way VRW US Nationals 2010
  • 3rd Place Artistic US Nationals 2009 Skydive Spaceland,Tx
  • 3rd Place NorCal Flow Rider Comp April 09 Dream Extreme
  • 2nd Place 2-Way Advanced Summit Challenge
  • 2nd Place 4-way VRW Comp SkyVenture AZ Gauntlet 2008
  • 3rd Place 2-way Speed SkyVenture AZ Gauntlet 2008
  • 2nd Place 4-way VRW Comp Skydive Lake Elsinore 2008
  • 3rd Place 4-way VRW Nationals Skydive Arizona 2006 (team Lodi)
  • 108-Way World Record 2009
  • 69-Way World Record 2007
  • 54-Way World Record 2005
  • 42-Way World Record 2004
  • 24-Way World Record 2003

IMG_2353TJ also has many swoop accomplishments:

  • 1st Place Freestyle (Go Fast Challenge 2005)
  • 1st Place Pro Am (Go Fast Challenge 2005)
  • 1st Place Freestyle X (Summerfest 2005)
  • 3rd Place 2-way Speed (Summerfest 2005)
  • 1st Place Freestyle (Grand Prix 2005)
  • 1st Place Team Speed (Grand Prix 2005)
  • 3rd Place Ground Launch Comp (Grand Prix 2005)
  • 2nd Place Red Bull Challenge (Eloy, AZ 2005)
  • 1st Place Team Challenge (PST 2004)

These are only a few of TJ’s accomplishments as a professional skydiver. As a coach, he wants to share his knowledge and help others in the sport progress.